Tour of the European XFEL site

Starting in spring 2020, an approximately 1.6-kilometre-long signposted tour will lead through parts of the approximately 15-hectare European XFEL site in Schenefeld. Information boards along the path will provide information about the function of the X-ray laser and the buildings as well as about the flora and fauna on the site and the compensatory measures implemented in the course of the construction of the facility. The circular path will be accessible daily from 8:00 to 18:00 (in winter until nightfall). Visitors must stay on the marked and signposted path, and the buildings may not be entered with the exception of the company restaurant and the entrance hall of the main building. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Visitor address: Holzkoppel 4, 22869 Schenefeld, Germany.

The European XFEL in the Hamburg metropolitan region is a research facility of superlatives: It generates ultra-short laser light flashes in the X-ray range - 27 000 times per second and with a luminosity that is a billion times higher than that of the best conventional X-ray radiation sources.

The world's largest X-ray laser will open up completely new research opportunities for scientists and industrial users.

The European XFEL will open up research fields that scientists have only dreamed of so far. Its unique X-ray flashes open up new possibilities for many areas of research. They can be used to decode atomic details of viruses and cells, to take three-dimensional images of the nanocosmos, to film chemical reactions and to study processes such as those inside planets.

At the European XFEL, international research groups can use complex experimental stations to carry out their experiments for several days or weeks.